Exter Group together with a group of international consultants and IBG Global network supports Italian and foreign companies in their internationalization path.


My name is Ester Temperato. I have a Degree in International Relations, a University Master’s Degree in International Functions and a Master of Business Administration in marketing and strategic management.

My career started about 18 years ago at the International Tenders Office of an engineering company based in the Italian city of Palermo.

Later on, I worked as an SME internationalization consultant at a Florence-based consultancy firm. I also worked as financial officer with a consortium of textile and fashion companies from the Italian city of Arezzo in the framework of a European project, being in charge of project accounting and technical reporting.

I was then employed for eight years at the Commercial Section of the Embassy of Pakistan in Rome, where I oversaw and managed activities concerning export and investment promotion in the agro, tanning, footwear, textile and fashion industries, renewable energies and construction, cosmetics, mechanics and ICT.

I later worked as a senior consultant and Temporary Export Manager (TEM) in F&B, recreational boating and shipbuilding, renewable energies, agriculture and clothing at the international department of an important consultancy and subsidised finance company in the Italian town of Correggio (Reggio Emilia).

Since February 2019 I have been a freelance consultant on business internationalization and Digital – Temporary Export Manager (D-TEM).

Since January 2021 I have been senior associate partner of IBG Global.


Exter Group in the world

Below are the countries where we have built and developed new business opportunities for our clients

Albania, Austria, Switzerland, Kosovo, Spain, France, Portugal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mexico, Myanmar, Germany, Ethiopia, Kenya, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Malta, USA

Exter Group

  • Extensive professional experience in emerging or recently-industrialised countries with strong growth potential in exports, imports, sourcing and investments
  • Professional skills relating to multicultural environments, that helped me develop an international business culture
  • Advanced language skills to interact directly with international buyers that help me create trust during the negotiation process
  • Direct collaboration with international institutions and organisations
  • Senior partner of a well-established, reliable international network that increases the chances to develop new business in all strategic markets
  • Knowledge of diplomatic protocol, which helps me manage relations in international diplomatic contexts
  • One of the first professionals in Italy to have been certified as a D-TEM by the Italian Trade Agency. Professional competence in the latest Digital Strategy tools

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